“Man should not even consider higher quests or questions until he can get his finances in order.    If man cannot conquer the most basic mundane physical substances of the earth, then he should strictly focus on this task before beginning his real Work”

My name is Greg Jacobs and welcome to Seven In One.

Seven in One = Seven Figures in One Day.
Seven in One =  Seven stray thoughts combined into the Masterwork

We will be discussing both in abstract and practical ways in which we can transform lead into gold.

that is pretty much it.

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  1. rich says:

    I like your message and your no-non-sense approach on projects and outsoursing.
    Thanks for confirming my own beliefs.

  2. Butch says:

    After college, went to Japan to work. While there I serendipitously met a Zen monk. I told him how I was struggling to adapt to life in Asia. He smiled and said, “The obstacle is the path.” Took me a long time to get it.


  3. Volker says:

    Hello Greg,

    if you like, post another entry. They are helpfull.


  4. Hello Greg,

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  6. Michael Lang says:

    After listening to you and am comforted with the thought that I have met a kindred spirit. I tend to absorb a lot of information (mostly useless mind candy) on a daily basis however I found myself sitting, transfixed as I watch you deliver your discourses ….all of which I “truly understood!”
    Maybe, if we both sit still enough, we can share in the “sound of one hand clapping.”
    …..”is that so”
    Your thoughts?

    Mike Lang

  7. trespasser says:

    A pessimist complains concerning the the wind; this optimist expects that to swap; as well as the realist sets a sails. We need to agree to specific dissatisfaction, but we should by no means drop boundless expect.

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